Alan Cornes

Staff Profile - Alan Cornes

To enable you to get to know your new village butcher, here is a Q&A he completed:

1. How long have you been in the butchery trade?
Full time for 41 years!

2. What would be your preferred Sunday roast?
Roast Beef with all of the trimmings — of course.

3. What do you do in your (limited) spare time?
I do a lot of walking, dancing & golf. I am a member at Brookfield Golf Club in Hankelow

4. What is your favourite & least favourite part of the job?
I honestly don't have a least favourite job in this trade — I enjoy every part of my job and always have!
My favourite part of the job is meeting & chatting to people

5. If you hadn't become a butcher what alternative career do you think you could have turned your hand to?
I think I would have joined the army.

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Kate and Hugh would like to formally announce that as of 23rd November 2016 that the business of Oxtail and Trotter is now owned by Alan Cornes. Over the past four years we have lovingly restored and nurtured this wonderful business. We set up the shop back in 2012 with the view to provide the vi

Staff Profile - Alan
Alan Cornes

We thought it is about time we did a staff profile on our favourite butcher, we asked him a few questions and here are his answers: 1. How long have you been in the butchery trade?

Hot Garlic Pickle

What you need: 250g braising steak, 150g mushrooms, 1 white onion — finely sliced, large handful of peas, ½ pint beef stock, 1 tsp cornflour mixed with water, Hot Garlic Pickle Brown the steak then add the mushrooms and onions. Fry for 5 mins then add 3 tsp Hot Garlic Pickle. Fry for a further mi


We are proud of the standards we keep at Oxtail & Trotter. Therefore we are delighted to announce that we have been awarded top marks for our food hygiene by the Cheshire East Food Standards Team. This follows a recent inspection.

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