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The majority of our beef is bought in whole carcasses from local suppliers. One of our regular suppliers is David Charlesworth from Hinstock Hall, who rears a wide selection of traditional beef breeds including Hereford, Longhorn, Shorthorn, Dexter & Highland.

We like to keep these traditional slower-maturing breeds coming through the shop as we believe they have more flavour. Reared on Higher Level Stewardship ground (farmed with the aim of delivering significant environmental benefits), these cattle are well and truly free-range! Our Sirloin Steak is hung for a minimum of 21 days to allow the complex fibres to break down naturally, this aging process makes this classic cut more tender and concentrates the flavour.

Wagyu X Beef

We have a consistent supply of locally reared Wagyu X Beef (Staffordshire) which is characterised by it's intense marbling and superb eating quality. The marbling gives it such a juicy tenderness it just melts in the mouth. We buy this in whole carasses so are able to offer any cut. Dry aged for at least 21 days and offered to our customers for only a small percentage more than our standard beef range. The Wagyu X beef is bred from traditional UK beef breeds such as Limousin or Friesian and crossed with a pure Wagyu beef bull. It is reared at an award-winning commercial beef unit in Staffordshire.

For more information on our Wagyu beef please call into the shop and chat to Alan or email us at info@oxtailandtrotter.com.

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