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Pork is sourced from our regular wholesaler in Staffordshire, we insist on outdoor reared pigs and reared as locally as possible. Again this is bought in in whole carcasses so that we can use everything down to the "trotters".

Occasionally we source whole pigs from local farmers – these are usually rare breed pigs such as Berkshire or Gloucester Old Spot – this gives our customers variety and enables us to support the local economy.

We make all of our sausages on site and have worked hard to create as many flavours as possible without gluten containing ingredients. If you are going to try any flavour you must try our very own "Audlem Sausage" made with our finest pork, Cheshire Cheese, Cranberry & Chives. The Cheshire Cheese we use in this recipe is from the Joseph Heler Dairy which is only 3 miles away from our shop. We like to keep things local! If you have any ideas on sausages flavours please feel free to chat to Zoe – our sausage maker extraordinaire – Zoe is always open to fresh ideas from our lovely customers!

Some of our other pork products include our dry cured Treacle bacon – this is cured in molasses and brown sugar and has a delicious earthy taste that is hard to beat! We of course also have our usual array of succulent pork loin steak, belly pork & leg joints that can be cut to size or de-boned to your specification.

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